High Tech avant-gardist since 1978


In the 1970s, RMC was offering each year its “gadget of the year”. I happened to be in charge of designing and producing the one of 1978, a solar lighter. I created my little firm which started specializing in gadgets. We then started to think about integrating holograms to certain objects. At this time, the technology was emerging and required a laser to read it. I met with people who worked in this field and they let me their lab’s key to conducting a few tries. Within a few months, we managed to produce holograms that could be read without a laser thank to our persistence and the researcher working just next to us.
That is how Hologram Industries’ story started, now renamed Surys. We quickly let go of gadgets for other projects. We started focusing on credit cards, hologram integrated on tax stickers, ID documents… Rather than staying on a working product, we tried to adapt our products and our skills to all the new supports which appeared since the 1980s.

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