Pitch in the Plane winners, what have they been up to?

Only three months after the last edition of Pitch in the Plane, we thought it would be great to see how our former winners were doing.

Pitch in the Plane has now been in place since 2016 with already two successful editions. A simple principle: 7 hours on a plane with 7 jury members (investors and business leaders) and 7 start-ups pitching for 7 minutes 35 000 feet above the Atlantic Ocean. During the flight, the start-ups have the opportunity to have one-to-one meetings with all the members of the Jury. All the participants found the experience very intense but very instructive and challenging as well. Then the plane lands in New York City and the results of the competition are given the next day during the edition of La French Touch Conference.

This competition is made possible thanks to our partnership with Openskies, they welcome us aboard one of their Paris to New York City flights where Pitch in the Plane takes place. This company operates non-stop flights from NYC to Paris, offering exclusive in-flight comfort and quick & easy boarding. Openskies takes pride in being a boutique airline with generous cabin space, fewer seats and a premium service en route. It offers up to 3 daily flights, allowing great flexibility to business and leisure travelers.

SkyLights – Winner of the 2016 edition

The winner of the first edition (2016) was SkyLights, a virtual reality innovator for immersive premium passenger entertainment. Shortly after the competition, SkyLights joined the start-up incubator Y Combinator and since, has signed contracts with at least four airlines and the SNCF (French railways company famous for its TGV) to enhance the in-flight or in-train experience of their customers. It has also begun partnerships with the AccorHotels Groups in order to allow guests in the executive rooms of some hotels to experience 2D and 3D movies and series with their virtual reality immersive headset. Congrats to CEO David Dicko & team for these great deals! In total, since their participation to Pitch in the Plane, Skylights has raised more than $1.4 million

DAMAE Medical – 2nd position of the 2016 edition

DAMAE Medical is a medtech start-up that arrived in the second position in the first edition of Pitch in the Plane. Created in 2014, it aims to revolutionize skin cancer diagnostics through its product OCTAV. Recently, DAMAE Medical raised €2 million and aims to launch production and commercialization in 2018. Co-funded by Anaïs BARUT and David SIRET, two graduates from Institut d’Optique, and by Arnaud DUBOIS, a senior researcher at the Charles Fabry Laboratory, DAMAE Medical will increase the efficiency of diagnostics and life expectancy for people with skin cancer.

Mapwize – winner of the 2017 edition

The second edition of Pitch in the Plane (2017) saw Mapwize as its winner. This start-up aims to guide visitors in every building, from hospitals to retail shops, and from universities to office buildings. With this victory, Mapwize won 500 000 Avios ( the equivalent of 20 return flights between Paris and New York City on Openskies) and entrepreneurship coaching from our different partners. Shortly after, two months only after its victory, it raised €1.2 million. They have tied close partnerships with the French Grande Ecole Polytechnique and with an important European retail chain: Cora. Congratulations to Mapwize, post-Pitch in the Plane seems to be on a good path for you.

Aveine – Coup de Coeur 2017 edition

This company was not ranked but was stated as a “coup de coeur”, French for “favorite”, possibly for its Frenchness. This little gem aims to able all wine consumers to drink instantly aerated wine. Since their participation to Pitch in the Plane, they have been increasing the size of their team in order for them to be able to invade the world market. Good luck to Aveine, the wine lovers.

We wish them all good luck and to pursue as well as they have so far.


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