FOCUS STARTUP – Wandercraft


Big advancement for Wandercraft which has raised €15 million in September, 28th 2017. The fund generously supported by XAnge, Idinvest, Cemag, Invest, Bpifrance, LBO France will speed up the commercialization of their revolutionary technology:  the Exoskeleton.


Source: Endgaget

Former classmates at Ecole Polytechique, Nicolas Simon and Alexandre Boulanger have been working since 2012 on improving the rehabilitation of patients. At the result of their collaboration is the Exoskeleton, a motorized skeleton designed to improve the mobility of impaired people. Beyond assistance, the exoskeleton provides autonomy and quality of life to paraplegic individuals.

In December 2016, the first Spinal Cord Injury (SCI) patient walked again thanks to the first autonomous exoskeleton . Placing comfort of patients at the heart of their technology, Wandercraft built the exoskeleton to relieve patients from the strain of using crutches during recovery: “First, treatments in healthcare centers is very limited because, one, gait is not realistic, and, two, walking with crutches puts a lot of strain on patients’ shoulders and upper limbs. Thus you can’t have frequent and intensive sessions.” explained Matthieu Masselin, Wandercraft Managing Director. Combining Medicine and Technology, the French startup aims at breaking the barrier of disability.


wandercraft image 1

Source: Wandercraft

Given that wheelchair users have three times less access to postsecondary studies and are three times more affected by unemployment in France, there is a real demand for the +1.5 million of mobility-impaired people. In the long-run, Wandercraft plans to create a more personalized and advanced exoskeleton, which would provide security and daily autonomy to wheelchair users.

The fund will finance the E.U. certification to introduce the exoskeleton in rehabilitation centers by 2018 in Europe. We will closely follow the coming steps of the innovative startup… 


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