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Sending love through the Internet is what inspired Marie Poulle and Jean Gregoire to design LoveBox. This beechwood box displays sweet words to your loved one wherever you are. Using the Lovebox app, GIFs, images, texts are the many ways to express your affection through this little box.


love box message



The concept originally came from the long-distance relationship between Jean Gregoire and his fiancé. Marie Poulle, the other co-founder of LoveBox was inspired by the romantic idea of using technology to spread the love. Together, they designed LoveBox as a way to combine digital technology and human feelings: What if connected objects would also allow us to create happiness and get people closer together? […] We are convinced that the world of tomorrow will, of course, be more digital, but it will also need more love.” declared Jean Gregoire and Marie Poulle.

Incubated in San Francisco by The Refiners, the startup had a successful fundraising this week as they collected €50,000 in twelve minutes on Kickstarter. The crowd-funding will support the development of the company in the US. This little box will continue melting many hearts across the world.
Participant of CES 2018 in Las Vegas, Love Box will announce the next object to bring “feelings in the Internet”…


Source: Engadget


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