Friday Inspiration #2

Friday Inspiration is a selection of the latest innovative ideas we would like to share with our community every week.

On this week’s review: healthy-eating, self-diagnosing with a video game, time-traveling and a new way of fighting against marine extinction. And last, but not least, a piece from a US entrepreneur introducing Paris as the new Silicon Valley!


Repopulating the sea through Sci-Tech

A few days ago, the operation “Biorestore” was first initiated in the Mediterranean Sea by the French company Ecocean which aims at protecting and restoring the marine ecosystem damaged by human activity. The process first consists of fishing post-larvae and nurture them in artificial underwater nurseries. Once baby-fishes are matured, Ecocean released them into the sea after a phase of acclimatization of the ocean environment under biohut. Having the protection of marine biodiversity at heart, Ecocean plans on expending the project to the North Sea, South Korea, and Jordan.

Releasing baby fishes from biohuts, Source: AFP


OdySight, the video game diagnosing Age-Related Macular Degeneration (AMD)

 The French startup Tilak Healthcare which has raised 2,5 million euros in March 2017 just introduce OdySight. This video game measures the quality of users’ eye-sights through the camera of the patient’s smartphone. Thus, it empowers individuals in identifying AMD and in following the evolution of their sight.


Time traveling now (almost) available!

Sasha Junganaikloo, the creator of S.M.A.R.T Zero, made us dream of time-traveling this week. He designed an interface connected to smartphones to live memories again: S.M.A.R.T Zero (an acronym for Time Traveling Computing System in French) uses a binaural recording to catch the most precious moments of your life and store them for later. Fond of photography, Sashi wanted to capture his adventures without losing momentum while setting up his camera. SMART Zero easily stores unique experiences to re-live them with friends & family in the future.


Source: UP Magazine

Frichti, the healthy and environmental-friendly food-delivery platform

Struggling with healthy eating and handling her busy life, Julia Bijaoui found (and founded) the solution through Frichti, a delivery service that brings to customers home-made dishes in one hour max. Salads, soups or hearty dishes inspired from worldwide cuisines, the objective of Julia is to make healthy and yummy eating accessible anytime at an affordable price. Taking over the market of fast-healthy eating,  Frichti guarantees that all dishes are made with organic products and cooked by experienced Chefs. After a successful implementation in Paris, Julia Bijaoui intends to expand her business nationally and internationally.


#Storytime: “An American in Paris – Why I’m looking for tech opportunities France”

For the courtesy of our foreign readers, we thought that Brian’s story could inspire you to join us in the city of light, where the Tech ecosystem is booming. The article draws an overview of the recent changes in the French Tech ecosystem, which make France an attractive destination for foreign talents.


Source: Medium


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Have an inspiring and creative weekend! 






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