Storytime: “When Tech becomes Art”

Last week, La French Touch Conference co-hosted the workshop “When Tech becomes Art” at the 3rd edition of the Bpifrance Inno Generation Fair. Gael Duval, the Founder & President of La French Touch Conference, introduced the six panelists Laurent Bernadac, Jean-Christophe Messina, Alizée Doumerc, Hugo Mulliez, Abdel Bounane, and Anne-Cécile Worms.

Comfortably seated in one of the rooms of AccorHotels Arena in Paris, six speakers presented their projects and shared their opinions on Art in the 21st century and how tech has and will disrupt this ecosystem.

Laurent Bernadac, the founder of 3Dvarius – startup 3D-printing high-quality electronic violins startup – affirmed that “art only exists through emotions and hence, the artist will make use of any technology available.” His violin is not built for beginners but enables an easier approach to the instrument, once the basics are learned. Indeed, it is played as an electric guitar, not like a classical violin. The absence of sound box offers a different type of acoustic and gives more freedom when playing. His vision is centered around the fact that tech has now become a means for an artist to go further in their creation.

Jean-Christophe Messina pledges for more humanity in machines. Tired of the lack of benevolence in the digital era, he welcomed us with an ode to humanity. It is based on this idea, that the co-author of L’Art de l’Innovation (the Art of innovation) launched his business Audalom (which sounds like “ode to humanity” in French). Art and innovation are not opposed but ought to be seen as siblings that go beyond limits and transform our lives and our societies. Following that vision of the world, his company works in solving communication problems in the corporate environment.

Alizée Doumerc founded GuestViews to enhance the customer experience in museums. From her point of view, art is only valuable when an audience is present to watch. Therefore, she deplores the fact that museum’s guestbooks placed before the exit are sometimes hard to understand, comprehend or analyze. To simplify the process of collecting visitors’ feedback, and to improve customer’s experience are the purposes of GuestViews. The digital platform analyses qualitative and quantitative data and assists museums in building strategies to make visitors want to come back.

Hugo Mulliez created an online platform for Art sales: Artsper. Hugo Mulliez claimed that the high supply in art needs to meet the changing demand for art. If art used to be exclusively for people with a certain amount of wealth, today it is being democratized. Hugo Mulliez believes that technology can serve art as a way to disseminate it.

Abdel Bounane launched Bright in order to share digital art. Selling exclusively digital pieces, he believes art in the 21st century will be data art, thus Bright showcases artists’ portfolios in the digital world. The company is currently in full expansion.

Anne-Cécile Worms shared her experience as Founder of Art2M and In her view, artists are innovators and will revolutionize art through technology, like photography did in the past. Anne-Cécile Worms is a “serial entrepreneur” in the field of innovation and culture, and a columnist for the Magazine des Cultures Digitales (MCD).

We were delighted to have the opportunity to collaborate with Bpifrance in the preparation of this workshop. La French Touch Conference has been committed to combining innovation in various fields, including Fine Arts. In 2015, we had the chance to welcome on stage artists such as the global icons of the digital revolution Ora ïto. Watch the video of his talk here.

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