Friday Inspiration #4

Friday Inspiration is a selection of the latest innovative ideas we would like to share with our community every week.

On this week’s review: Tech and non-profits join forces for refugees, creativity fuels the world of pastries, and a startup dynamizes cultural heritage sites using augmented reality. Our final note is two stories claiming the birth of alternative Silicon Valleys in New York AND Paris. Any thoughts? 🙂

Pastry & Creativity

Cedric Grolet is the king of fruit sculptures in pastry: chocolate oranges, flower-shaped apple tarts, golden hazelnuts, the French pastry Chef has been baking since childhood. Leaving his parents’ kitchen, he turned his passion into a career fueled by creativity. His inclination for nature is also found in the ingredients of his delicacies, as he favors pure ingredients.  The secret of his talent: creating the desserts of tomorrow. The innovative and forward-thinking young Chef was recently nominated World Best Pastry Chef.

When Tech and businesses join to help refugees

How to facilitate the integration of refugees in Europe? That is the focus of the Techfugees Global Summit, which happened this week in Paris. These past few years, Europe has seen a growing number of startups dealing with this issue. Among those, Josephine Goube, CEO of Techfugees, a coordinating service to bridge the gap between businesses and non-profit organizations. Her objective is to automate processes and to provide quality and rapid integration of migrants. Discover the other innovative projects built all over the Europe here.

A cultural mission for Tech: protecting heritage sites

HistoPad is the device reinventing customer experience in a few French historical sites, including Chambord Castle. The tablet offers a 3D vision of art pieces: it displays architectural features and old-fashioned pieces of furniture that have disappeared. The time-travel device also provides explanations of mastermind pieces of art in twelve languages. Designed by Histovery, HistoPad uses technology to encourage the sharing of cultural heritage.

East Coast Vs. West Coast

Rivalries between the East Coast and the West Coast of the U.S. are not a novelty. Yet, a new movement coming from NYC has spiced up the old fight: “We want you in NYC” created by Andrew Rasiej, Founder of Civic Hall & Personal Democracy Media, Chairman of NY Tech & Former speaker at La French Touch Conference NYC in 2017 (re-watch his speech just here).


Source: David Barnum


Discover the inspiring story of Tony Fadell, the Tech-savvy man, a former player in Steve Jobs’ team and a recent resident of Paris!


Source: Nadav Kander

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Have an inspiring and creative weekend! 

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