Driving by success or success in driving changes?

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News from our former speakers

Password manager software Dashlane was launched on Linux, Chromebook and Microsoft Edge last Thursday. Dashlane CEO Emmanuel Schalit was a guest speaker at LFTCNYC in 2015[article in English]

Kissing goodbye to one “g”, Rebag is boosting its luxury handbag marketplace with a new app! Do you remember that co-founders Erwan Delacroix and Charles-Albert Gorra pitched & won our 2015 startup contest [article in English]

Tired of networking? Build your professional circle differently with Shapr, an app modeled on dating apps. This article may help you decide if you like this more new approach to networking. You can also watch CEO & Co-Founder Ludovic Huraux’s speech at our Paris edition last June. [article in English]

Visuel Startup Shapr - source 1843 Magazine

Focus startup

(Re)discover iAdvize, the leading startup in conversational marketing featured on our blog!

Beyond borders: EU ecosystems

International money transfer company TransferWise raised $280 million in a Series E round led by Old Mutual Global Investors and IVP. [article in English]

Startup TransferWise raised $280 million in a Series E round - Source Techcrunch

Across the oceans

Have you heard of Ikkai? Founded by two French entrepreneurs, the startup is taking over the Japanese market with a crowdsourcing platform bringing companies to work with qualified Japanese students on short-term jobs. [article in French]

A penny for your thoughts?

What would you say is the most valuable startup in each European country?
Take a look at this map to find out!

Loving is sharing: Business Tips

#teambuilding: How to Create a Teamwork Culture in Your Organization

One last quote to make you smile

“There is a huge amount of energy in Paris, and that’s the most important thing”. Paul Graham, Y Combinator Co-Founder & Partner.

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