How to pitch your startup to your grandma?

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Last week, France’s capital city is in the spotlight: Paris was granted the European Capital of Innovation Award at the 2017 Web Summit!

We keep on inspiring you every week with our Friday Inspiration’s piece. The latest article features green startups, the next project of DARPA, the French expert on Broadway Shows and more.

News from our former speakers

Already based in Paris and London, Tinyclues opens a new office in New York City. The French startup is a leading actor in AI-first marketing solution, by assisting businesses in targeting and interacting with consumers. What a good memory, as Founder & CEO David Bessis pitched on stage at the startup contest of the 1st edition of #LFTCNYC in 2014! [article in English]

Download the Galion Corporate Tips, with inputs from our Founder & CEO Gaël Duval, as well as some of our former guest speakers, including Jerome Lecat – Founder & CEO of Scality, Tatiana Jama – Founder & CEO of Selectionnist and Emmanuel Arnaud – Founder & CEO of GuestToGuest. [Tips in French]

Beyond borders: EU ecosystems

MedTech is booming in Europe! Discover a selection of 4 startups which may soon become part of your everyday life: British startup Atlas Biomed created a DNA test to identify potential diseases, French startup H4D offers a telemedicine solution, Dutch startup Sensiks designed a multi-sensory cabin to provide relaxing experiences and Finnish startup Popit helps to maximize birth control pill efficiency.
[article in French]

Across the oceans

Led by French founder and CEO Julien Bonneville, The Guarantors is a rental lease guarantee platform that provides secured and cost-free deposit for landlords. The NYC-based startup recently raised €10.07M in a Series A funding. [article in English]

Culture & Tech

French journalist Julien Bergounhoux shares his VR tour of the Pyramid of Cheops. The experience was possible using ScanPyramids created by the Parisian studio Emissive. Making archeological History available to all, the journalist sees the VR headset as “the future of cultural exhibitions”. [article in French]

For those interested, we featured culture & tech in our Friday Inspiration #4 with HistoPad, a device reinventing customer experience in a few French historical sites by offering a 3D vision of art pieces.

Virtual Reality tour of the Pyramid of Cheops

A penny for your thoughts?

Following La French Tech Report published by CB Insight, FrenchWeb claims that2017 is the most successful year for the French Tech. [report in English & article in French]

Loving is sharing: Business Tips

Do you want to become the best at pitching to anyone? Or do you simply wish your grandma to understand what you do? Check out this article, available in French and English.

One last quote

“My job is to come here and bring Silicon Valley here […]
It’s that cultural element that people are trying to replicate around the world, of taking risks and believing in yourself and changing the world, and there’s no reason it can only be done in Silicon Valley.”

Tony Fadell, Principal of Future Shape LLC,

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