Friday Inspiration #8

Friday Inspiration is a selection of the latest innovative ideas we would like to share with our community every week.

On this week’s review:  Artwork inspired by Bitcoin, carpools for satellites, the winner of the Annual Lovie Awards. We then bring back the debate on the neutrality of the Internet and we leave you with an inspirational story about serendipity.

“Art, the ultimate human pursuit”

Andy Bauch is a state-of-the-art artist who creates visual representations of the cryptocurrency Bitcoin. Turning bitcoin wallets into art pieces, the artist uses Legos to grasp the forms and shapes of pixels. As he brings digital designs into reality, the American rejects the idea that the fast-growing development of AI will one day take over humanity: according to him, the art of Bitcoin bridges the gap between tech and humans.

Carpools for satellites

If we often hear about collecting and analyzing online data, French startup Loft Oribal aims at collecting data of the Earth via satellite-mounted sensors. It works in helping the academia, NGOs and other institutions to gather large-scale view of the Earth without building and launching their own satellite. CEO and co-founder Antoine de Chassy pitches his startup as “the Uber Pool for satellite research”.

The 7th Annual Lovie Awards in favor of sustainable fashion

Livia Firth is this year’s winner of the Lovie Special Achievement Winner. The 7th Annual Lovie Awards is a competition that rewards the most innovative and creative talents of the European web who bring positive change across industries (fashion, arts…). The Founder and Creative Director of Eco-Age is a consulting firm which provides sustainable business strategies to fashion brands.

Livia Firth Winner of the 7th Lovie Awards

Source: The 7th Annual Lovie Awards


The debate on the “net neutrality”

Originally, the concept of Internet Neutrality suggests that the Internet is free and accessible to all. In 2015, the US adopted a Net neutrality regulation that guarantees this principle and prevents Internet carriers to impose monetized or restricted use of the Internet based on how broadband is used. Today, Ajit Pai, the Chairman of the US Federal Communications Commission, raises the question of the Internet neutrality. The debate is split between those who would like to charge users based on their online visits and those who believe in the free access of the internet. The US Federal Communications Commission will vote on that issue on December, 14th.


#Storytime: The role of serendipity in innovation

Meeting game-changers in the most unlikely places is a reminder of how unpredictable life is. Going camping with some friends, Adam Naor had the pleasure to spend a night around a campfire with a tech billionaire. Discover the values of a successful leader of the tech ecosystem here.

Campfire in nature

Source: Medium 

Have an inspiring weekend! 😊

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Cover picture: Bitcoin (2,304 LEGO pieces) by Andy Bauch

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