Medtech, Virtual Reality and a pilotless Future

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LFTC Ecosystem

Congratulations to Damae Medical, one of the winners (along with Neurallys) of the Paris Boston MedTech Award. This prize rewards the team for their innovative-thinking and encourages them to step into the US market. Damae Medical provides dermatologists with a new in vivo imaging modality capable of producing in-depth images of the tissue, like histology without the need for skin tissue excision and processing.
In 2016, the co-founder and CEO Anaïs Barut received the Special Prize from the jury of the first edition of Pitch in the Plane! [article in English]

Damae Medical pitching on the plane to Paul-François Fournier, Innovation Executive Director at Bpifrance, in June 2016.

Here pitching on the plane to Paul-François Fournier, Innovation Executive Director at Bpifrance, in June 2016.

French Ecosystem

Congratulations to Doctolib which raised $42 million from existing investors Eurazeo and Bpifrance! Optimizing medical care schedule, the French startup has raised a total of $72.7 million (€61 million) in 2017 and has recently expanded to Germany.  [article in English]

Already present in 10 countries, French startup is entering the Australian market. The startup saves businesses and individuals from legal fees by providing templates of legal documents. [article in English]

Beyond borders: EU ecosystems

Have you ever wondered why European startups are less keen on stock options than Americans? Learn more here.

Launched two years and a half ago, the baking alternative service of Revolut already counts over a million customers across Europe. The Fintech startup offers online banking services without foreign transaction fees and using real-time exchange rates. Recently, Revolut plans to apply for a European banking license. [article in English]

Across the oceans

Montreal-based startup Vrvana was acquired by Apple for around $30 million. Vrvana works in augmented reality and is the creator of the AR headset Totem. [article in English]
As a matter of fact, the enthusiasm for VR headsets has never been so high as for the first time, a million headsets were shipped on the Q3 2017!

Last June, at LFTCNYC #4, we had the pleasure to listen to a very interesting discussion: Virtual Reality, a new age. If you missed it, you can still access the video on our Youtube channel.

What’s the Future?

A pilotless future is what the European aerospace industry Airbus will focus its reseach on. The development of the new project will be in China as CTO Paul Eremenko announced the construction of an innovation center in Shenzhen. [article in English]Paysage chine

A penny for your thoughts?

It’s not a secret that Artificial Intelligence is one of the hot topics in the Tech Ecosystem. This article points out how some approaches to AI reinforces social injustice. [article in English]

One last quote from our friend Jerome

“I’ve been an entrepreneur for the past 25 years and the progress made in the last five is nothing short of exceptional. […] All this creates an exceptional dynamism, which becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy making it easier to succeed and succeed big”.
Jerome Lecat, CEO of Scality, elitebusiness, Oct. 16 2017.

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