Save the date! San Francisco edition #2 on January 16, 2018

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A vos agendas! If you are in San Francisco right after the CES, save the date on Tuesday, January 16, 2018, for the 2nd edition of La French Touch Conference in San Francisco. Stay tuned! 

Speaking of San Francisco, we will be visiting the city next week so let us know if you want to meet up!

San Francisco

Here is the latest Friday Inspiration article, featuring 2017 European tech ecosystem report, a revolutionary sustainable food truck, French ecosystem empowering businesswomen, and how the 2008 crisis benefited the development of the French tech movement.

French Ecosystem

From the winning of the 2016 Slush pitch competition to the €3 million fundraising in June 2017, CybelAngel enjoys a string of successes! They announced the opening of an office in the USA in 2018. This expansion responds to the strong demand from US companies to use CybelAngel’s cybersecurity solutions. [article in French – more information about CybelAngel in English here]

French startup Advalo‘s first fundraising gathered €5 million led by SGPA, Vasgos, West Web Valley and other bank partners. Using AI and data, Advalo created a service that sends emails to retail customers during the decision making momentum. The founders shared their ambition to expand in the USA by 2019.
[article in French]

On Dec. 4 2017, Bpifrance announced the launch of a €50 million Health Tech fund as well as the creation of a Health Tech accelerator. Check out the list of the 7 startups integrating the tech hub this year.  [article in French]

Beyond borders: EU ecosystems

Following the 2017 State of the European Tech and the major growth of the ecosystem, a feeling of optimism has spread out across Europe. According to Tom Wehmeier, head of research of Atomico, “the probability that the next industry-defining company could come from Europe […] has never been higher”.  [article in English]

Across the oceans

The luxury brand Céline has taken over the Chinese market by using the Chinese social media WeChat. This super app combines social networks and e-commerce in one platform, which improves the online presence of the brand and facilitates the purchase for digital-savvy Chinese consumers. [article in English]

We chat

A penny for your thoughts?

Have you heard of the Tropical Valley? The tech ecosystem of the three islands Reunion, Mauritius, and Madagascar could benefit from a collaboraton under the brand Tropical Valley, to improve the visibility and the attractivity of their local ecosystems. [article in French]

Loving is sharing

At the head of one of the most successful US startup, Adam Neumann, co-founder, and CEO of WeWork shares his top 3 lessons learned from the world of entrepreneurship. [article in French]

Digital & Culture

Originally based in San Francisco, Daylighted is a digital art gallery that displays contemporary art collections on screens. Proposing a wide range of collections, the co-founders Alex Cammarano and Elisabeth Mouchy make contemporary art accessible to all, inside and outside their gallery. With more than 100 partnerships in the USA, Daylighted has now ambitions to expand in Europe. [article in French]


One last quote

We’re bringing back the word ‘entrepreneur’ which has always been at the heart of French society. Being an entrepreneur is an icon of the modern times” Pascal CagniAmbassador for International Investment, and Chairman of the Board of Business France, 2017.

This quote particularly resonates with our vision. For those who follow us since 2014, do you remember what was our first slogan? “Entrepreneur is a French word” 🙂

Cédric Giorgi - La French Touch Conference

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