Friday Inspiration #10

Friday Inspiration is a selection of the latest innovative ideas we would like to share with our community every week.

On this week’s review: explore the history of paintings, learn about the benefits of e-commerce for the fashion industry, discover the concept of underground farming, find out about a digital stethoscope, and meet an American entrepreneur who moved from the Silicon Valley to mid-size French city Nantes.

#ArtTech: Learn the history of centuries-old paintings

A group of American and French researchers created a technology to learn the history of centuries-old paintings. The Terahertz machine uses a similar technique operated for geological surveys and petroleum exploration: by pulsing electromagnetic waves through a painting, waves reflect back and provide information about the artwork. This technique produces a three-dimensional map of a painting and explores the layers of pigment and paint of artworks. Combining Sciences and History of art, the transatlantic team exposes the detailed process of the making of old masterpieces.

Original and terahertz scanned "Madonna in Preghiera" by Giovanni Battista Salvi da Sassoferrato

Source: A. Locquet, D. Citrin

#FashionTech: personalized fashion service VS customer privacy

In the fashion industry, targeted communications are used to provide a personalized experience with the products. From the brands’ perspective, such approach to communications “creates a long-lasting customer loyalty“, as e-commerce meets the demands of customers: convenience and choices. The use of smart data shapes individual recommendations after analyzing previous individual searches/purchases.   Meanwhile, the lack of customer privacy is the trade-off to benefit personalized and expeditious service. Therefore, how protective are you of your private data?


#GreenTech: The underground farm that heats the building from bottom to top

            Installed in Stockholm, the underground farm grows greens vertically under LED lights and captures the excess of heat from the light to fuel the heating system of the building. Created by Plantagon CityFarm, the project aims at providing solutions for land and energy scarcities. The products will then be sold to employees, local grocery stores, and restaurants. Such new farming business model also benefits the landlord of the building, who saves 700,000-kilowatt hours of energy per year (e.g. three times the rent paid by previous tenants). The launch of the underground farm planned for early 2018 has already seduced countries like the city-State of Singapore that struggles to find farming lands.

Greens growing vertically in an underground farm


#MedTech: From stethoscope to a diagnostic Ipad

Oscadi, a growing medtech startup created a software that improves the diagnostic period in emergency situations. Based on French overseas territory Reunion island, Founder Olivier Sautron wants to empower non-professionals in situations when fast-diagnostic is needed and assist doctors in producing more time-efficient diagnostics (from 30min to 10 min diagnostic period). The entrepreneur made a partnership with Apple Inc. to operate his program Oscult on Ipad and joined the French overseas network program of Station F, the world’s largest accelerator based in Paris. After building a partnership with a Malaysian hospital, Olivier Sautron has ambitions to expand internationally.

#Storytime: Quality of life over money

Check out the story of Rob Spiro, an American entrepreneur and former Google product manager who moved from the Silicon Valley to mid-size city Nantes to launch startup accelerator Imagination Machine. What convinced him? Quality of life over money.

Nantes is also home for startup iAdvize, a European leader in building conversational marketing platform. The startup was featured on our blog, as they recently raised a €32 million Series C funding round and opened a new office in Boston.

Third French city to join the rank of the world’s best cities to grow a startup, Nantes was listed ahead of New York, Shanghai, and London.

Nantes city
Les bords de l’Erdre (Nantes – France)

Have a relaxing weekend! 😊

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