Friday Inspiration #11

Friday Inspiration is a selection of the latest innovative ideas we would like to share with our community every week.

On this week’s review: a new way of experiencing paint artworks, a French app providing medical advice in South East Asia, a healthcare booth for remote consultations, the strengths & challenges of the French ecosystem, and business tips from the new vice-president of France Digital.

#ArtTech: Experiencing painting with all your senses

“Psychedelic color storm” is the new digital art exhibition taking over the contemporary art’s scenery of Washington D.C. Created by the American and French artists Oilhack and Blanchard, the 270-degree projections of liquid mixtures bring up a new definition to experimenting art. The transatlantic pair managed to project a roaming mix of paints, oil, and soap on the walls. At the heart of Washington, the artists offer a unique experience of feeling art. A variety of colors, shapes, movements echoes the music in the background and appeals to all your senses.

kocSource: AFP

#MedTech: Medical care in one app

While working in Vietnam and Indonesia, Nathanael Faibis identified a real demand for medical care in the region of South East Asia. From that realization, he launched Alodokter, an app that offers medical advice to patients. The objective is to share helpful information provided by freelance doctors via a Chabot with visitors. Alodokter does not replace a real doctor (no diagnostics nor prescriptions are given to users), however, medical advice helps patients to break the fear of doctor’s consultations and it keeps a medical record of each patient for future medical appointments. Based in Jakarta, the French startup recently raised more than $9 million led by SoftBank Venture Korea to develop more functionalities in the app.


#MedTech: Remote consultations to provide healthcare to everyone

The dream of French doctor Franck Baudino was to provide healthcare to the 7 billion people on the planet, wherever they live. From this ambitious idea, he created the Consult Station, the first connected medical office. The telemedicine booth is equipped with medical instruments, screens and a video system to communicate with qualified doctors. Following the guidance of a practitioner, the patient self-performs health checks such as blood oxygen level, pulse rate, all of those following rigorous clinical protocols. Already present in Paris, Provence, Saint-Etienne, and Toulouse areas, the Consult Station is mostly used by corporations for their employees, yet Dr. Baudino hopes to export his device beyond France.

patient-examination-in-progress-consult-stationSource: H4D

#Opinion: How successful the French Tech really is?

2017 has been a successful year for the French entrepreneurial ecosystem. From the adoption of tech-friendly policies to the development of the French ecosystem domestically and internationally, it seems that France’s private sector is booming. Sharing a similar enthusiasm, Reza Malekzadeth, French Tech ambassador in San Francisco and General Partner at Partech Venture addresses the challenges that the so-called “startup nation” needs to stand to its name.

#Storytime: What’s the most valuable investment to develop a startup?

Recently appointed vice-president of France Digital, Rachel Delacour shares her entrepreneurial experience as the Founder of BIME Analytics, a data visualization platform.  From her international experience, she offers tips on what it takes to develop a sustainable and innovative startup.  One the one hand, she explains why she avoided the Silicon Valley to mid-size cities like Toulouse (France) or Kansas (USA) to develop her business. On the other hand, she claims that the most valuable investment in any startup is first and foremost human capital:  “The biggest lesson of all is, you have to respect your people. It’s on you as a founder to test yourself as well.”

Rachel Delacour was a guest speaker for the discussion “Going Global” at #LFTCNYC in 2015.


Have an inspiring weekend! 😊

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