Join us on January 16 for our 2nd edition in San Francisco!

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We are delighted to announce to the second edition of La French Touch unConference San Francisco on January, 16th 2018!

Whether you live in San Francisco or you will be staying in the area after the CES, join us for another awe-inspiring day of stimulating discussionstransatlantic networking, and collective innovation.

The event is designed as an unconference: the objective is to encourage interaction and the sharing of ideas, all in English of course!* (we always get questions about that :)) 

This year, discussions will focus on the topic of impacthow can the tech industry have a positive impact on our future? 

As it is a participative event, don’t hesitate to contact us if you would like to get involved: suggestions, volunteers or any other brilliant ideas are welcomed!  🙂

Pssst, in case you missed it, here is last year’s recap video.La French Touch Conference San Francisco

Our Partners 

Parteners La French Touch Conference San Francisco

LFTC Ecosystem

We are pleased to announce that our Founder & CEO Gaël Duval was appointed at the Conseil National du Numérique (National Council of Digital Affairs in English).

Warm congratulations to Marie Ekeland, the new President of the Council. Remember that time when she appeared on the stage of La French Touch Conference NYC in 2015 wearing a mustache? 😉Spencer Lazar (General Catalyst) & Marie Ekeland at La French Touch Conference NYC in 2015

Spencer Lazar (General Catalyst) & Marie Ekeland at La French Touch Conference NYC in 2015

French Ecosystem

Boost your professional meetings with the app developed by Klaxoon! The French startup provides digital tools to engage with your audience during presentations. At the beginning of 2017, Klaxoon settled down in New York, and just opened their first shop in Paris on Dec. 7th!  [article in French]

French startup Liegey Muller Pons (LMP) raised €4 million to expand internationally. Officially non-partisan, LMP was originally a political campaign software to assist political parties in reaching out to undecided voters. Today, LMP also works with big companies. [article in French]

In most cases of family’s expatriations, one partner moves to pursue her/his career, while the other one faces the challenge of finding a new occupation in a new country.Absolutely French helps these job-seeking husbands & wives to integrate in France, by offering French classes, networking, professional reinsertion. Based in the Parisian campus of Station F, the startup announced the opening of future offices in Nantes and Lyon.  [article in French]

Beyond borders: EU ecosystems

Clear Flight Solutions raised €2.6 million from AERIUM Analytics and the Cottonwood Euro Technology Fund to expand in North America. The Dutch startup created Robird, a bird-shaped drone that oversees operations to improve security and effectiveness in airports, oil & gas, dredging, and agriculture worldwide. The tech bird is already present in some Canadian and European airports. [article in English]

Loving is sharing

Content marketing is one of today’s highest stake for brands to win the online attention game. If you’re looking to boost your audience, check out these 4 tips to frame a successful content strategy! [article in English]

One last quote

I dithered between launching this new project [Criteo] in France or in the Silicon Valley, but several objective conditions guided my choice to France. First, for the quality [education] of engineers and the fact that they cost three times less than in California. Then, the tax environment, that rebuts what some people might think, is more favorable here than in the [Silicon] Valley.“ Jean Baptiste Rudelle, Founder & Chairman of Criteo and Founder & CEO of LESS. [original quote in French]

Friday’s Inspiration #10 

Check out the latest Friday Inspiration article, featuring the history of paintings, the benefits of e-commerce for the fashion industry, the concept of underground farming, a digital stethoscope, and an American entrepreneur who moved from the Silicon Valley to mid-size French city Nantes.

San Francisco
Les bords de l’Erdre (Nantes – France)


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