Get ready for the 2nd edition of La French Touch unConference San Francisco!

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Less than one month before La French Touch unConference San Francisco! On January 16, 2018, we are looking forward to welcoming you into the heart of the Financial district! A special thanks to DocuSign for hosting the event.

Stay tuned as speaker’s announcements will be announced in the coming days! And don’t forget to book your ticket as Early Birds prices are still on! You can buy your ticket here :

As it is a participative event, don’t hesitate to contact us if you would like to get involved: suggestions, volunteers or any other brilliant ideas are more than welcome! 🙂

Pssst, in case you missed it, here is last year’s recap video.

La French Touch Conference San Francisco

Our Partners

Partners of La French Touch Conference 2018

LFTC Ecosystem

Recently appointed vice-president of France Digitale, Rachel Delacour shares her entrepreneurial story as the Founder of BIME Analytics, a data visualization platform. On top of everything, she insists on the investment in human capital: “The biggest lesson of all is, you have to respect your people. It’s on you as a founder to test yourself as well”. [article in English]

Rachel Delacour was a guest speaker for the discussion “Going Global” at #LFTCNYC in 2015.

Rachel Delacour

French Ecosystem

The startup DreamQuark was elected Fintech of the Year! Founded by French entrepreneur Nicolas Meric, the startup launched a platform assisting bankers in client segmentation, loan agreement, banking scams by collecting and analyzing data. DreamQuark recently raised €3 million to accelerate its development in Europe and Africa. [article in French]

French carsharing startup Vulog finished 2017 successfully with the signature of a first contract in China and the opening of an office in Shanghai. Created in 2006, the platform’s highest rate of activity is currently in Nice, Paris, and Vancouver. [article in French]

Bitit works in making Bitcoin technology accessible to all. Their new platform was launched last week and offers to netizens the possibility to purchase online using cryptocurrency. A fundraising is planned for 2018 to help the startup expand internationally, with a particular interest in Africa. [article in French]

Beyond borders: EU ecosystem

The cycle-sharing startup LimeBike steps into the European market after raising $50 million B round in two months. Frankfurt and Zurich will be the first European ambassadors of the dockless bikes. [article in English]

Accross the ocean: international ecosystem

FarmCrowdy raises $1 million from investors including TechStars, Cox Ventures, and Social Capital. The platform connects investors to Nigerian farmers to sponsor them financially & logistically and equitably share the returns. [article in English]

A penny for your thoughts

The emergence of technologies such as AI, deep learning or big data disrupted the practice of Medicine. Some even claim that we enter a golden age of medical research and discovery. How is the development of biotech shaping the future of medicine? [article in English]

Loving is sharing

Tech has challenged and shaped many sectors in the past few years. Although you’ll have to wait for our unconference in San Francisco to share your opinion about it, here are the inputs of business leaders on the impact of tech on Marketing in 2018. [article in English]

One last quote

Self-confidence is a muscle. It’s not that because you don’t have any that you will never have any.” Fany Péchiodat, Founder of My Little Paris. Financial Times, Harriet Angnew, Dec. 7 2017.

Friday’s Inspiration #11 

Check out the latest Friday Inspiration article, featuring a French app providing medical advice in South East Asia, a healthcare booth for remote consultations, the strengths & challenges of the French ecosystem, and a new way of experiencing paint artworks.


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