Guess who’s coming to San Francisco…

Don’t forget to take a look at the latest news of the entrepreneurial ecosystem below! ūüôā

D-7: Are you ready?


If you’re enjoying your time at CES 2018, you’ll surely appreciate the informal setting of¬†La French Touch unConference San Francisco¬†on¬†January 16th!¬†Inspire & get inspired by an international crowd of fellow entrepreneurs.

Join the discussion around:

La French Touch Conference San Francisco - Programme
Over the past few days, we have announced some of our¬†speakers on our social media¬†(if you don’t already follow us there, we are on¬†Facebook,¬†Twitter,¬†LinkedIn,¬†Instagram¬†&Youtube¬†of course).¬†
Here they are! ūüôā
Our Speakers
La French Touch Conference San Francisco Speakers
Prepare your questions and get ready to join the debate!
Our Partners
La French Touch Conference San Francisco Partners
What’s the future?
In line with the theme of our unConference in San Francisco, we wanted to feature Action Hunger, a free vending machine only accessible to homeless people holding a key card to get basic goods such as sandwiches, toothbrushes etc. As a successful example of Tech for Good, London-based Action Hunger is expanding to New York in February 2018! [article in English]
French Ecosystem
What a great start of 2018 for the French ecosystem! The record shows that the highest number of French startups are attending the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) this week! [article in French]
Blade announced the opening of a new office in California in February. Already present in Europe, French cloud gaming startup replaces gaming PC with a dedicated Virtual Machine (VM) hosted in the Equinix data center. [article in English]
Is 2018 the year of veganization of French market? Conquering American, and British food cultures, many vegan startups are successfully developing. Check out the most innovative here. [article in French]
Beyond borders: EU ecosystem
In May 2018, the¬†EU data protection regulation¬†will be implemented. The goals are¬†to regulate¬†private data on the internet and guarantee citizens’ right to privacy. What’s at stake for tech companies? [article¬†in English].
Across the oceans: international ecosystems
The African ecosystem is on the rise! Check out the acquisitions, investment rounds, partnerships built last year and that are energizing the multiple tech hubs of the continent. [article in English]
A penny for your thoughts
What is the next disruption of 2018? Autonomous cars, IoT, the blockchain, the democratization of AI, data privacy regulation.
[article in French]
Business Tips
Balancing your life between work and personal projects often ends up with frustration, lack of sleep or overstress. Yet, leaving our passion on the side shouldn’t be the solution. So if you cannot afford to quit (especially if you love your job) here are some tips to make your personal project(s) successful!  [article in English]
One last quote
‚ÄúGo international. When everyone was moving to Silicon Valley, I moved to Paris. It made me different and I was able to use my US network and experience to my advantage in France.‚ÄĚ Roxanne Varza, Director of Station F,¬†Eu-startups, 2018.

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