LFTC SF 2018: Positive Impact

This article is a summary of the second edition of La French Touch (un)Conference San Francisco, which took place on January, 16 2018.
Built around the Positive Impact theme, this event was dedicated to discussing how actors of entrepreneurial ecosystems could positively impact their environments and society through innovation.

La French Touch Conference played to a full house for the 2nd edition of the (un)conference in San Francisco! More than 250 entrepreneurs, investors, influencers and companies from France, the Silicon Valley and extensively the US, exchanged in a warm atmosphere around the theme of Positive Impact.

The specificity of this edition lays on the special format of a (un)conference, that distinguishes other events organized by La French Touch Conference in Paris and New York. More interactive, it encourages discussions and debates in a convivial setting.

Gaël Duval, Founder and President of La French Touch Conference is delighted with the success of this edition:After 5 years, we would like to fast forward the itinerancy of our events. The success of this edition in San Francisco, our 2nd, and 7th in total, gathered an international audience around the – hot – topic of Positive Impact, and it strongly reinforces our desire to meet dynamic entrepreneurial ecosystem across the world!

Five main ideas emerged from the three sessions on Investments, Tech for Good, and Education:

1. Tech is moving the world of business away from money-driven strategies and re-focusing the private sector on the human component.

2. Entrepreneurs are changing the traditional business model by bringing a new successful and sustainable model, which focuses on three components: integritymindful investments, and public engagement.

3. The positive impact of the tech industry responds to the demands of the new generation of customers, that cares about ethics as much as the quality of the product/service. Social Corporate Responsibility and social investments are encouraged and supported by such demands to shape a more benevolent world.

4. Entrepreneurship is inherently committed to diversity & inclusion. From differences (nationalities, education, professional backgrounds…) emerge the brightest and most innovative ideas & projects, with always the same objective: solving a problem, and ultimately making people’s lives better.

5. The leverage of the tech industry is impressive. Tech is increasingly engaged in global causes such as education. Edtech schools are now an alternative and viable solution to university degrees as they deliver digital and human skills that will help students to create tomorrow’s jobs.


If you are interested in learning more about those three topics, please find the recap articles of the three panels (Investment, Tech For Good and Education) on our blog.
The videos of the three discussions are also available here.

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