Building the bridge between France, Europe and the world

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Last week, the French ecosystem was all over the press with major investments, notable recruitments, large fundraisings, and success stories of French entrepreneurs doing business abroad and foreign business leaders doing business in France.

Naturally, this news encourages us to pursue our goal: build the bridge between French, European, and other international ecosystems. Read our article on the recent dynamics of the French ecosystem.


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News from LFTC ecosystem 

Congratulations to Jerome Pesenti, now VP of AI at Facebook! In 2016, we had the chance to hear him on stage at La French Touch Conference New York, while he was Vice President of Watson Core Technology, IBM. [article in English ; video right here]

In 2015, we welcomed Yann LeCun, former VP of AI at Facebook, at the 2nd edition of La French Touch Conference New York. You can watch his inspiring talk about AI here.

French ecosystem 

Following a $66 million fundraising, San Francisco-based startup Front is opening a new office in Paris and is planning an IPO in five years. Co-founded by two French entrepreneurs & led by Mathilde Collin, Front combines all the communication channels of your company in one platform to optimize team collaboration. [article in French]

ContentSquare is a platform that identifies and analyzes customers’ online behaviors. After a fundraising of $42 million from a Series B investors this week, French founder & CEO, Jonathan Cherki plans to further develop in the USA and expand in Asia. [article in French]

The French e-commerce company Akeneo announced last week the opening of a new branch in Tel-Aviv thanks to the acquisition of Sigmento. The Israeli startup specialized in machine learning and content optimization will add on Akeneo’s expertise in the management of online platforms. [article in French]

Tel-Aviv-shutterstock_102391159Source: UsineDigitale

Beyond borders: EU ecosystem

The ride-sharing service Heetch implanted in France, Belgium, Italy, Sweden, and Morocco, just raised $20 million. With this funding, the French startup will double its engineer workforce and launch operations in London. [article in English].

Across the oceans: international ecosystems

Organized by Bpifrance and Business France, the program Impact China strengthens the cooperation between the French & Chinese ecosystems by helping French startups develop in China. This year, the five selected startups are Carfit, Exaga, Platform, Quividi, and Sigfox. [article in French]

Loving is sharing 

Two weeks ago at La French Touch (un)Conference San Francisco 2018, Founder & Partner of SidePorch, Jama Adams claimed that “We’re moving towards the world where everyone gets to go to work and feels great about their purpose on this planet”. If you are looking to attract talented and mindful talents, check out how your company can take an activist-stance in 2018. [article in English]

impactSource: Fastcompany

One last quote…

France has all the assets to succeed. It has top engineers, great entrepreneurs, one of the best education systems in the world, great infrastructure, and successful global companies”. Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google, Bloomberg Technology.

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