Build the Bridge Through Music

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We wanted to start this week’s newsletter by highlighting a beautiful transatlantic collaboration between the French production company La Blogothèque and the American artist Justin Timberlake.

They worked together on the video clip “Say Something”. The result is a one-shot music video which some viewers describe as “insane“. The best way to find out is to take a look! 🙂

Back in 2016 for our 3rd New York City edition, we were lucky to feature on stage the American writer Harlan Coben and French producer Sydney Gallonde, who shared another great story of a successful transatlantic collaboration this time, in literature. If you missed it, watch their talk below.

French ecosystem

The specialist of phone reconditioning Recommerce raised €50 million Series C led by Capzanine et Creadev. The successful fundraising of the French startup will strengthen its ambition to further expand in Europe and the US. [article in French]

The French startup Spendesk raised $9.9million in venture capital to scale its platform and expand across Europe. Spendesk is a service to simplify approval procedures and the management of employees’ expenses. [article in English]

Wildmoka gives broadcasting companies the possibility to share highlights of live TV programs on social networks, and already counts a wide range of international clients such as NBC Sports and Orange. The French startup present in the US, Europe, and Australia raised $8 million last week to grow its customer base and develop its product. [article in English]

Based in Paris and New York, Owkin Socrate is a collaborative platform where doctors share patients’ data, that an AI program analyzes. The objective of the French co-founders Thomas Cozel and Gilles Wainrib is to find a cure for certain types of diseases like cancers. [article in French]


Nextdoor announced this week that it is expanding in France! The American startup built a social platform for neighborhoods to help you connect with your neighbors, exchange tips, buy & sell things. [article in English].

Beyond borders: EU ecosystem

London-based startup Asana raised $75 million Series D led by Al Gore’s Generation Investment Management. Attracting high-profile clients including Chanel, Danone, Spotify, the British company recently introduced its productivity and collaboration service in French and in German. The next step is to set it out in Spanish, Portuguese and Japanese. [article in English]

Across the oceans: international ecosystems

Partech Ventures secured $70 million to launch the Partech Africa Fund! This will be a generalist tech fund, with target industries including fintech, online & mobile consumer services, and digitization of the informal economy. [article in English]

Art & Tech 

Carré d’Artistes is a unique art gallery network founded in Aix-en-Provence, that displays artworks in different styles and formats in a wide range of prices.
Present in Barcelona, Moscow, New York, Mexico, Amsterdam, Berlin and Rome, the French startup just raised €4 million to pursue its objective of disseminating art. [article in French]

One last quote…

The reason why I have a belief in technology […] it is not for technology’s sake, but for people” Gale Brewer, Manhattan Borough President, La French Touch Conference New York 2017.

La French Touch Conference New York City - Gale Brewer - Mounir Mahjoubi - Gael Duval

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