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French ecosystem

The scooter-sharing service Cityscoot ran a successful fundraising of €40 million ($50 million) round. Operating an electric scooter-sharing service in Paris, the French startup has the ambition to develop it in other French cities and in Europe. [article in English]

Storetail gives brands & distributors the opportunity to create advertising endeavors in online stores. With a portfolio composed of big European actors including Carrefour, PepsiCo, Sephora, Coca-Cola, the French Startup’s recent €5 million-fundraising ($6 million) will fund their American expansion. [article in French]

MagicStay is a French startup that provides alternative housing solutions to business travelers in Europe and the Middle-East. Following their fundraising of €1.5 million euros ($1.8 million), they announced a future European expansion in Spain, Italy, Germany, and the UK. [article in French]

Founded by Marie Schneegans, Workwell is an app that centralizes all services related to the corporate life. Making the work environments of companies friendlier, the French startup already seduced half of the CAC 40 and more than a hundred companies in Europe and the US. [article in French]

Beyond borders: EU ecosystem

Building vertical farming tech for grocery stores, restaurants, and local distributions, Infarm raised $25 million in Series A funding (€20 million). Launching an “urban farming (r)evolution”, German co-founder & CEO Erez Galonska shared his ambitions of developing globally namely in Seattle or Seoul. [article in English]

Startup Infarm

Across the oceans: international ecosystems

Paris-headquartered Deezer closed a deal with the third Indonesian operator Hutchison 3 to deepen its footprint into the mobile-first region. Vice-President Asia Pacific of Deezer Daud I. Aditirto emphasized the company’s focus on Singaporean, Indonesian and Japanese markets. [article in English]

The US company Citrix acquires Cedexis a Franco-American startup that optimizes web pages and apps loading worldwide. With nine offices around the world, including Singapore, New York, and Portland, Cedexis provides to netizens a more rapid and qualitative access to the Internet. [article in French]

A penny for your thoughts

A group of former Tech Giants employees actually came together and launched “The Truth About Tech” campaign to raise awareness about the negative impact of social media on society. The tech ethics campaign already raised $50+ million from non-profit and/or free media. [article in English]

As Tech Giants keep on launching new functionalities to stay connected as long as possible, the following article (and a similar one in English) begs the question of their responsibility on (negatively) influencing the new generations.

Loving is sharing

Looking for tips to communicate about your startup in the US? Check out 8 tips to reach your objectives. [article in English]

One last quote…

Today, we’re neither French, American or Korean, we are ‘global’. We are living in a globalized world and that’s what we should consider [when launching a startup]. Technology and the Internet allow us to go beyond those barriers.” Bertrand Diard, Co-Founder of Talend, Co-Founder & CEO of Influans and President of Tech in France, La French Touch Conference Paris 2017.

Friday’s Inspiration #15

We keep on inspiring you every week with our Friday Inspiration’s piece. The latest article features an album partially produced by AI, an interactive classical concert, and a machine translating dancing moves into music.

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