7 editions, 360+ speakers, 30 seconds

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It has been already 4 years since the first edition of La French Touch Conference! As fast as time flies, we are happy to see our community grow, our networks expand and our events get filled with increasingly international audiences.

Check out below this 30 second-glimpse of our past editions.


French ecosystem

The French FinTech Lydia operated a successful fundraising of €13 million ($16.1 million) led by CNP Assurances. The funds will help develop new services not only on a local scale but also in France, the UK, Ireland, Portugal and Spain, and in other countries of the European Union. [article in English]

Another French FinTech startup showed up in the news! Following its expansion in Spain and Italy in 2017, Lendix will expand its European presence in Germany and the Netherlands. Lendix is specialized in assisting Small and Medium Enterprises in their banking and financial needs. [article in French]

Expert in mobile advertisements, Adikteev raised €10 million ($12 million). Based in Paris, Berlin, New York, and San Francisco, the French startup plans to further develop in international markets. [article in English]

Supermood created a platform to measure employee’s engagement and satisfaction through a questionnaire that adapts to different work cultures. Present in Belgium, the Netherlands, the US, and available in 18 languages, the French startup raised €2,5 million ($1,2 million) to pursue its international expansion. [article in French]


Beyond borders: EU ecosystem

The French luxury brand Chanel announced a partnership with the British online fashion retail platform Farfetch. [article in English]Boutique Chanel

Vivino is a Danish wine discovery app that allows people to rate & comment wines they have tasted. Headquarter-based in San Francisco, the company attracted a new $20 million (€24 million) round of funding. [article in English]


Across the oceans: international ecosystems

Edukasyon is a Franco-Filipino platform that provides students all the educative keys to face the job market. Registering 2 million users in 2017, they are launching a fundraising campaign to further develop in Southeast Asia. [article in French]


A penny for your thoughts

How are French startups forging ahead? [article in English]


Loving is sharing

Learn how to overcome the challenges of settling into a new market like a pro & build the bridge with international ecosystems! Read this article to prepare your expansion!


One last quote…

Think BIG! France is a small market, so it’s really important that French entrepreneurs build companies that are designed to be able to grow internationally.” Emmanuel Arnaud, CEO of GuestToGuest and HomeExchange.com.
He was featured in our blog La French Touch Conference Journal for our new series of articles “Build the bridge with international entrepreneurs”.

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