Friday Inspiration #16

Friday Inspiration is a selection of the latest innovative ideas we would like to share with our community every week.

WineTech is a young tech industry that associates the culture of wine with innovation, with the objective of making wine tasting more accessible. In France, the wine industry is the second French export industry in a surplus and keeps growing since its collaboration with the tech industry: wine tasting website, private sales, wine personal boxes are among the entrepreneurial activities that emerged these past few years.

Check out the success of these three WineTech startups that were involved with La French Touch Conference and are revolutionizing the wine industry worldwide: 

1. Aveine

French startup Aveine uses technology to improve wine tasting experiences, that they also called “aveinologie”. It simplifies the access of wine tasting thanks to a collection of connected objects & services. One of their products is the connected aerator which identifies the exact and optimal time the wine is ready to be drunk. Indeed, for a wine to express its full personality, the bottle needs to sit for a certain amount of time following the opening. Placed on top of the bottle, Aveine’s aerator injects the right amount of air quantity based on the type of wine. This innovative product targets professionals, restaurants, or individuals. In the coming weeks, Aveine will launch a campaign on Indiegogo to promote its aerator!

Aveine also won the special prize of our startup competition Pitch In The Plane in 2017. If you want to learn more about Nicolas Naigeon, he is sharing the successful keys to the launch of a startup here.

Aerator AveineSource: aveine

2. 10-Vins

10-Vins is a French startup born from the collaboration of three friends Thibaut Jarrousse, Jerome Pasquet and Luis Da Silva. Passionate about wine tasting, the three friends offered a solution to personalized wine tasting. No one likes to face the difficult situation of opening a bottle of red wine for the majority of your guests, while there is one that only likes drinking white wine. To ease everyone’s taste buds, they created a tasting machine D-Vine which allows the wine to breathe and brings it to serving temperature in less than a minute. Like coffee capsules of the Nespresso machine, 10-Vine’s device serves wine from 10cl glass bottles and offers a choice of 10 types. Making professional wine tasting accessible to all is the ground to the success of the startup, which announced an internal expansion in 2018! Present in London and Singapore, the ambitious startup announced its plans to launch a fundraising compaign and double its staff.

3. Coravin

Another startup working on the collaboration of wine &  tech is US startup Coravin, which created a wine opener that allows you to pour a glass without removing the cork, and therefore preserving the quality of the wine. Basically, the capsules filled with argon gas push the wine out of the bottle and pour it into a glass. Their new Model 11 is synchronized with your mobile, through Coravin Moments app, and can directly activate the device. Moreover, the app also provides food suggestions to match the wine, or the kind of activity fitting your bottle. Founded by the Greg Lambrecht, the company has a global presence and plays a key role in cities where wine production is imported.

wine_2650707b.jpgSource: Rex Features

Have an excellent weekend! 😊

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