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WineTech is a growing tech industry which aims at making wine tasting accessible to all, by using devices to preserve the quality and subtleties of Bacchus’ favorite beverage.

Our latest blog article features 3 startups that disrupt the WineTech industry and that we welcomed at La French Touch Conference. Get a glass, (and a blanket if you’re in Paris, as it is freezing out there!) and enjoy your reading. 🙂

Aerator AveineSource: aveine

LFTC ecosystem 

Tinyclues offers a campaign marketing solution that uses AI to match the right customers with the right products. Last week, the French startup raised €14,6 million / $18 million in Series B investment that will serve to pursue its growth in North America and Europe. [article in English]

Remember when Founder and CEO David Bessis pitched his startup at the 1st edition of LFTC New York in 2014.

French ecosystem 

The Paris-based startup Prophesee just raised €15,4 million / $19 million in initial funding for its Series B round. The startup has developed a machine vision technology designed to mimic the functions of the human eye. It applies to robotics and autonomous vehicles. [article in English]

Following its launch in the UK in January 2018, French startup Blade announced last week the opening of its gaming service in California. Blade created the Shadow game streaming service that gives subscribers access to high-quality games. [article in English]

Kaliti is a platform gathering all the actors of a real-estate project to ensure a smooth and collaborative outcome. The French startup raised €4 million / $4,9 million to develop its digital operations and to launch in other EU countries. [article in French]

Have you heard of Earny? This app automatically reimburses the price difference of your purchase, when the system notices a price drop of your item. Co-founded by French Ilan Zerbib, and the Israelis Dori Yona & Oded Vakrat, the startup raised €7,3 million / $9 million in December 2017 and is currently growing in the incubator Science in Santa Monica. [article in French]

Beyond borders: EU ecosystem

Snips is a driving voice assistant SDK (Software Development Kit) that respects privacy: the navigation system works with your voice, without sending any data. Already existing in French and English, the French startup is launching its voice assistant in German. [article in English]

Voice Assistant
Source: TechCrunch

Across the oceans: international ecosystems

Revolut is a mobile bank that facilitates money transfers and provides banking services in more than 130 preferential foreign exchanges rates. The British FinTech, which counts 220,000 French users, is opening new offices in the USA, Singapore, and Australia. [article in English]

A penny for your thoughts?

Failing to find success – Read the stories of five French entrepreneurs who learned and grew from their mistakes. [article in French]

One last quote…

“Businesses are often a matter of momentum. Too early and you fail; and too late…is too late.”  Emmanuel Debuyck, CEO of Adwanted Group was featured in our blog La French Touch Conference Journal in our new series of articles “Build the bridge with international entrepreneurs”.

About Us

La French Touch Conference is an itinerant business event that aims at promoting entrepreneurial successes and building bridges between French, European, and international ecosystems.
Since its creation in 2014 by digital entrepreneurs Gaël Duval and Cedric Giorgi, La French Touch Conference has gathered more than 4,000 entrepreneurs, investors, and key accounts throughout 7 editions organized in the cities of Paris, San Francisco, and New York. Each event hosts fine guest-speakers including top C-level executives, public figures, and officials who address key trends and topics in front of international business audiences.
La French Touch Conference is also the creator of the world’s only flying startup competition, Pitch in the Plane, which gives startups and entrepreneurs the unique opportunity to pitch their concepts in front of investors aboard a commercial flight.


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