Those foreign entrepreneurs who find success in France

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We often feature French entrepreneurs who launch or develop their businesses abroad. This week, we were interested in international entrepreneurs, who created and grew their businesses in France. Discover here what convinced them to found their startups in our ecosystem.

During the first edition of La French Touch Conference Paris, we also welcomed foreign entrepreneurs who launched their businesses in France. Listen to their business stories below!


French ecosystem 

To begin with, the French startup Wingly raised €2 million / $2,5 million to expand in Austria, Switzerland, and Belgium. The platform specialized in matching private pilots with passengers already counts 150,000 users in France, Germany, and England.  [article in English]

Speaking of airplanes, OpenAirlines developed innovative solutions in fuel and flight crew management. Nominated to the L.A. international Cleantech Open competition, the French startup raised €1 million / $1,2 million to develop the software SkyBreathe to reduce fuel consumption and operate environmental-friendly flights. [article in French or in English]

Have you heard of MyBus? Winner of the Innovation Award “Smart Cities” at CES 2018, the French startup is disrupting the public transport service by digitalizing tickets. The MyBus app registers your credit card information and subscription and transforms them into a personal QR code. As the app is becoming more popular in French small & medium cities, the company is planning a fundraising to expand internationally in 2019. [article in French]

The French company Devialet appointed a new CEO Franck Lebouchard. Devialet first developed amplification chips and technologies and now produces high-quality speakers. Founder Quentin Sannié was one of our attendees and former guest speaker at La French Touch Conference New York in 2015. [article in English]

Finally, the head of the French telecom Free and president of Ecole 42 Xavier Niel was nominated last week by the board of directors of the global investment firm KKR. Appointed to the position of independent administrator, he is the only European present in their executive board. [article in English]

Beyond borders: EU ecosystem

The German photo-printing Cewe bought 80% shares (€36 million / $44,4 million) of Cheerz. The French startup created an app to print pictures taken with your smartphone in a Polaroid format. [article in French]

On the 2018 Global Talent Competitiveness Index (GTCI), Stockholm was ranked second in the most attractive cities. This article showcases the story of foreign entrepreneurs that moved to the Swedish capital city. [article in French]


Across the oceans: international ecosystems

Read about the transatlantic collaboration between Emmanuel Straschnov and Josh Haas, respectively French and American entrepreneurs. Together, they launched Bubble, a general-purpose visual framework for creating web applications, without knowing how to code. [article in French]

Business tips

What does it take to be a successful entrepreneur?
“Sacrifice. If you’re not willing to sacrifice for your customers, delete the word “success” from your vocabulary.” [article in English]

A penny for your thoughts?

During Milan’s Fashion Week, the luxury brand Dolce & Gabbana introduced its new handbag collection using drones. Is it the start of a new trend in the modeling industry? [article in English]


One last quote…

If you’re an entrepreneur and you want to expand abroad, just choose a country and go for it. Once you do it in one place, you’ll be able to do it in many other places.” Gaël Duval, co-Founder & President, La French Touch Conference.

About Us

La French Touch Conference is an itinerant business event that aims at promoting entrepreneurial successes and building bridges between French, European, and international ecosystems.

Since its creation in 2014 by digital entrepreneurs Gaël Duval and Cedric Giorgi, La French Touch Conference has gathered more than 4,000 entrepreneurs, investors, and key accounts throughout 7 editions organized in the cities of Paris, San Francisco, and New York. Each event hosts fine guest-speakers including top C-level executives, public figures, and officials who address key trends and topics in front of international business audiences.

La French Touch Conference is also the creator of the world’s only flying startup competition, Pitch in the Plane, which gives startups and entrepreneurs the unique opportunity to pitch their concepts in front of investors aboard a commercial flight.


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