Top French Innovative Women Based Abroad // The List Is Growing!

Following the publication of rankings which were not necessarily in favor of female entrepreneurs and innovators, we started thinking of innovative women who inspire us.

As we always talk about building bridges with international ecosystems, we decided to focus on successful French women based abroad who have a genuine impact in terms of innovation and creativity. Some are startup founders, others are C-level executives: these French women play a key role in their organizations.

Of course, the list we came up with (we insist: this is not a ranking) is far from exhaustive and is still a work in progress.

It was made based on the following criteria: they are French, they work in the innovation sector, and they are based outside of France.

Here it is:

Camille Agon – WeThinkCode_ // Johannesburg, South Africa
Catherine Barba – Peps Lab // New York City, USA
Anne Bezançon – Placecast // San Francisco, USA
Françoise Brougher – Pinterest // San Francisco, USA
Mathilde Collin – Front // San Francisco, USA
Yseulys Costes – 1000mercis // San Francisco, USA
Frédérique Dam – Ubisoft // San Francisco, USA
Pascale Diaine – Storm Ventures // San Francisco, USA
Roxane Divol – Symantec // San Francisco, USA
Eliane Fiolet – Ubergizmo // San Francisco, USA
Cecile Frot-Coutaz – FremantleMedia North America // Los Angeles, USA
Maëlle Gavet – Compass // New York City, USA
Laetitia Gazel Anthoine – Connecthings // New York City, USA
Joséphine Goube – Techfugees // London, United Kingdom
Corinne Grillet – Calypso Technology // San Francisco, USA
Nathalie Henry Riche – Microsoft // Seattle, USA
Elisabeth Kogan – TEVA Pharmaceuticals // Israël
Géraldine Le Meur – The Refiners // San Francisco, USA
Aviva Markowicz – Numa // New York City, USA
Magali Mathieu – Atlas Inc. // San Francisco, USA
Odile Roujol – Next World Capital // San Francisco, USA
Cécile Schmollgruber – Stereolabs // San Francisco, USA
Hélène Séguinotte – Safran – Morpho Canada // Montreal, Canada
Aurélia Setton – MontBlanc Ventures // San Francisco, USA
Fidji Simo – Facebook // San Francisco, USA
Béatrice Tarka – Mobissimo // San Francisco, USA
We’re more than open to suggestions you might have, so do not hesitate to share them in the comment section below! 🙂

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