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Dear Readers,

Following the publication of rankings which were not necessarily in favor of female entrepreneurs and innovators, we started thinking about innovative women who inspire us.

As we always talk about building bridges with international ecosystems, we decided to focus on successful French women based abroad who have a genuine impact in terms of innovation and creativity. Startup founders, C-level executives: these French women play a key role in their organizations.

Of course, the list we came up with (we insist: this is not a ranking) is far from exhaustive and is still a work in progress. Do not hesitate to share the names of innovative French expatriate women you know! 🙂

La French Touch Conference’s ecosystem

Last week, the Choiseul Institute published a list of “The [French] economic leaders of tomorrow” based on their situation, potential, and accomplishments. Among them, we were very happy to see some of our previous editions’ speakers, including Céline Lazorthes , Jonathan BenhamouRoxanne VarzaLudovic HurauxRachel DelacourTatiana JamaFlorian Douetteau and Loic Moisand.
Shout out to Cédric Giorgi, co-founder of La French Touch Conference, who is also on the list. [read the full study in French]

French ecosystem 

The French startup Privateaser, which facilitates venue privatizations and bookings, raised $12M /€10M worth of funds to expand to large European cities in the five years to come. [article in French]

French startup Ornikar raised $12M /€10M to expand abroad – starting with Europe – to keep developing its online driving school in France. [article in French]

Pumpkin, a French app which helps users pay back their debts is on its way to becoming a “neobank”. Its founders are hoping to soon reach an international dimension. [article in French]

Beyond borders: EU ecosystem

Continuing with FinTech, German startup N26 announced scoring a €110M / $136M funding round in its quest to enter the American market. N26 is developing a mobile bank that competes with other so-called “neobanks” such as Revolut and Orange Bank. [article in English]

The British online furniture store Made.com has raised €45,000 / $56,000 to accelerate its growth and prepare the company’s digital leadership within the European market. It was launched in France in February 2013. [article in English]

Venture Capital fund Eight Roads Ventures announced today a $375M / €305M venture fund to help European and Israeli scale-ups develop and exceed the threshold. [article in English]

Taiwanese high-tech company HTC has announced the launch of its accelerator program HTC Vive X in Europe. After China, the USA, and Israel, HTC’s VR accelerator is settling in London to support European VR and AR startups.  [article in English]

HTC Vive X Batch 1 companies at Beijing Demo Day

Beyond borders : International

The French multinational L’Oréal showed its increasing interest in AR technologies by acquiring Canadian beauty tech company Modiface, the company’s aim being to improve consumers’ digital experience by helping them test makeup and lipstick on the ModiFace app. [article in English]

Business tips

CES founder Gary Shapiro shared tips he got from international innovators on the ways to successfully launch a company on global markets. [article in English]

One last quote…

“My advice is to create partnerships with local organizations, find local people who really believe in what you do, most importantly who believe in the value that your company will bring to the country.” Camille Agon, co-founder & Managing Director, WeThinkCode_ in an interview with La French Touch Conference Journal.

About Us

La French Touch Conference is an itinerant business event that aims at promoting entrepreneurial successes and building bridges between French, European, and international ecosystems.

Since its creation in 2014 by digital entrepreneurs Gaël Duval and Cedric Giorgi, La French Touch Conference has gathered more than 4,000 entrepreneurs, investors, and key accounts throughout 7 editions organized in the cities of Paris, San Francisco, and New York. Each event hosts fine guest-speakers including top C-level executives, public figures, and officials who address key trends and topics in front of international business audiences.

La French Touch Conference is also the creator of the world’s only flying startup competition, Pitch in the Plane, which gives startups and entrepreneurs the unique opportunity to pitch their concepts in front of investors aboard a commercial flight.


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