Friday Inspiration #20: European Tech, To Infinity… And Beyond!

In 2017, European startups raised more than 19 billion dollars worth of fundraisings and more than 50 of these fundraisings were worth more than $50B (there were 43 in 2016). These last few years, Europe put in place programs and policies that created a setting in favor of companies’ growth. Here are a few of these European boosters:

“Europe 2020”

Supporting growth, employment, and innovation became a priority within the European Union. In 2010, the EU signed the European Strategy, which provides European funds starting from 2014 until 2020. A total of €960B is dedicated to multiple funds to support research and development, employment, education, poverty reduction and issues related to climate change.

EU's areas of intervention

Source : Europe en France.gouv

“The Juncker Plan”: The Investment Plan for Europe

The so-called “Juncker Plan” was created to favorize investment in Europe and to help the Old Continent recover from the financial crisis. Its aim is “to remove obstacles to investment; to provide visibility and technical assistance to investment projects; and to make smarter use of financial resources” in setting the European Fund for Strategic Investments, the European Investment Advisory Hub and the European Investment Project Portal to foreshadow investment opportunities. It also aims at removing barriers to investment both nationally and at a European level.

In 2017, the Junker Plan raised a total of €257B inside the EU, which represents 82% of the plan’s goal:  reaching €315B by July 2018.

Local ecosystems 

Let’s just take the French Ecosystem and imagine what it could look like for each of the countries of the EU! 


Those who invested in Europe 

In 2017, VC investments in Europe scored €15B / $19B and are mainly focused on advanced technologies. In fact, 62% of these investments were made by the United Kingdom, Germany, and France.

Moreover, the number of investors significantly rose within five years:

Sans titre.png

Source: State of European Tech

Those who make Europe shine 

In 2017, Europe continued its sustainable growth thanks to its innovative companies. The three cities that are hosting the most companies are London, Paris, and Milano with respectively 74, 62 and 25 innovative companies.

See the list of Europe’s 1000 fastest growing companies here!

Among those who raised money these last few months:

N26: The German Fintech raised €160M and plans to launch its neo-banking service in the UK before expanding into the US. The British online furniture store that operates in 7 European countries raised 40M to expand across Europe.

Heetch: In January, the French startup Heetch raised 20M to compete in Europe with other transport service companies such as Uber.

European Tech Unicorns 

Europe's Tech Giants

  •  Titans? 

European Tech is currently booming and has more and more investors and unicorns making it shine all around the world. But have you heard of Titans? These are companies which are worth more than $50B:  Facebook, Uber, Tesla or Baidu. All of them are Chinese or American… and perhaps soon European?


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