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La French Touch Conference will have a European Touch to it for its 5th edition in New York on June 19, 2018! Get your ticket here!

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French Ecosystem 

French startup Javelo raised €1M / $1.2M to pursue its development in hiring more technical profiles and with the ambition of spreading into European markets starting with Germany, Sweden, Benelux and Great Britain.The company aspires to become the European leader in performance monitoring in the middle-term. [article in French]

Cambusier, a French startup that sells liquor made in France scored its first fundraising with an aim to conquer new territories abroad. Its co-founders will make a business exploration to Taïwan, Hong-Kong and New York in the following weeks. [article in French]

Proposing innovative wireless charging solutions, EnergySquare raised €1M / $1.2 to pursue its development with an aim to expand into Asia and the USA in the short-term. [article in French]

Technicis, one of Europe’s largest translation service agencies acquired French startup Textmaster. This is not the first European acquisition made by Technicis: the French translation agency had already acquired the Italian language service provider Arancho Doc and the Swiss company Translation-Probst. [article in French]

French e-health solutions leader specialized in oncology Eurekam raised €1.5M / $1.8M to develop new ranges of products for other medical areas (i.e. pediatrics, medical care, anesthesia) and to accelerate its global expansion – focusing on Germany and North America. [article in French]

Partners’ Events

The FAEA Award Competition is back! The competition was made to help French American entrepreneurs launch their business venture in the US and provide a network and guidance from experienced business leaders. Two winners will be selected during the Award Ceremony held in New York City on June 25, 2018. The first-place winner will receive a cash prize of $10,000.

Apply here before April 13, 2018.

Beyond Borders: EU Ecosystem

German online marketplace for consultants Comatch raised €8M / $9.8M in a Series B funding round to strengthen its position as market leader in the DACH region and become a leader on a European level. The company from Berlin, which opened an office in Paris in 2017, is currently spreading into Great Britain and now wants to expand into Southern and Eastern Europe. [article in English]

The German marketplace for in-home senior care Careship scored €6M / $7.3M in fundraising. The new funding will enable the company to pursue its development across Germany and internationally. [article in English]

French startups Stuart and Cosmo Connected partnered up. In London, 20% of Stuart’s delivery drivers will be equipped with Cosmo Connected rear lights for helmets. [article in French]

A Stuart's delivery driver wearing a Cosmo Connected's rear light on his helmet

Beyond Borders : International 

The PSA Group, alongside Amazon, Facebook, Google, Criteo, Microsoft, Suez, Facebook, Faurecia, Valeo Group, Nokia Bell Labs and Naver Labs has partnered up with CNRS, Inria, PSL University and will open the Paris PRAIRIE Institute (PaRis Artificial Intelligence Research InstitutE) with the ambition of becoming a leader in Artificial Intelligence [article in English]

Google’s foundation Google.org invested a total of €2M / $2.8M in three French startups that work to support employment: OpenClassRoom, Chance, and Inco Academy. OpenClassRoom provides online professional courses. The company launched 24 free online courses aimed at 100 independent workers in France and the UK. Where Chance designed a chatbot to help people identify they hidden skills, Inco Academy identifies areas that will create jobs and teaches adapted courses. [article in French]

A Penny For Your Thoughts

“Finance 2.0: Can Europe cash in on the fintech revolution?”. Read this article on Silicon Republic. [article in English]

Euro sign made of numbers


Mariya Yao, CTO of Metamaven gives you “7 creative ways to use influencer marketing in enterprise AI”. Read this article published in VentureBeat. [article in English]

One Last Quote…

“I think the “French Touch” is kind of like music, it adds a different tone, a different sonority to an existing way of dealing with an issue.” Gaël Duval Co-Founder & President of La French Touch Conference

About us

La French Touch Conference is an itinerant business event that aims at promoting entrepreneurial successes and building bridges between French, European, and international ecosystems.
Since its creation in 2014 by entrepreneurs Gaël Duval and Cedric Giorgi, La French Touch Conference has gathered more than 4000 entrepreneurs, investors, and key accounts throughout 7 editions organized in the cities of Paris, San Francisco, and New York. Each event hosts fine guest-speakers including top C-level executives, public figures, and officials who address key trends and topics in front of international business audiences.
Next editions in Paris on May 29 and New York City on June 19!
La French Touch Conference is also the creator of the world’s only flying startup competition, Pitch in the Plane, which gives startups and entrepreneurs the unique opportunity to pitch their concepts in front of investors aboard a commercial flight.


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