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Morning Coworking Trudaine          Morning Coworking Trudaine

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Pssst, FrenchWeb published an article about us today!

What they say about it

“La French Touch Conference Paris is a one-day event gathering incredible people. I was very impressed by the quality of all the discussions”

Francesca Pick – Community Connector & Co-Founder of Ouishare Festival
American entrepreneur based in Paris, France

Speaker at La French Touch Conference Paris 2017 (video available here)

Join us in Paris on May 29!

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This Week's Headlines

La French Touch Conference’s Ecosystem 

This week, we were delighted to read and hear about our co-founder Cédric Giorgi in this article where he shared his vision of IoT. [article in French]

Congratulations to our former speaker Christophe Collet whose company S4M, an AdTech & MarTech company specialized in drive-to-store advertising campaigns, raised €10M / $12M in Series B. The company wants to notably reinforce its influence abroad, particularly in the USA. [article in French]

French Ecosystem 

Sport and wellness-specialized startup Gymlib scored €10M / $12M in fundraising. The company already entered the Belgian market an will now use fresh funds to support its European development. [article in French]

French startup Welcome to the Jungle, which created a platform dedicated to job hunting, announced today €7M / $8.3 fundraising to accelerate the venture’s development in France and abroad. The company aims to launch its platform in a first European country by the end of the year. [article in English] – formerly know as 1001pact – raised €2.2M / $1.8M. The company has developed a platform to help social and environmental startups to crowdfund. It is already established in Belgium, France, and Italy and plans to expand throughout Europe. [article in French]

La Belle Vie, a FoodTech startup specialized in grocery shopping deliveries, raised €5.5M /$6.5M to accelerate its expansion throughout France, with the objective of reaching London by the end of 2019. [article in French]

They talk about the French Ecosystem! 

This week, The Economist published an article about the French fast scaling startup Algolia, which has developed a search engine API; while Forbes retraced Xavier Niel’s journey in an interview published on their website.

Partner’s Event: the FABA

Hello, friends from San Francisco!
The French-American Chamber of Commerce is organizing the 5th edition of the French-American Business Awards – FABA – on June 7. The ceremony honors the best French and American companies, entrepreneurs and executives based in the San Francisco Bay Area for their annual results and lasting performances in management and leadership. More information here!

5th edition of the French-American Business Awards

Beyond Borders: EU Ecosystem

German cruise travel agency Dreamlines raised €45M / $53M in Series E funding. In only six years, the company established itself in the European market and now wants to further expand internationally. [article in English]

Swedish financial technology company iZettle confirmed its plans to be Nasdaq-listed in Stockholm. Active in European and Latin American markets, the company aims to raise €189M / $227M to pursue its growth. In case of success, the enterprise would be valued at €920M / $1.1Bn, and become a unicorn. [article in English]

About us

La French Touch Conference is an itinerant business event that aims at promoting entrepreneurial successes and building bridges between French, European, and international ecosystems.
Since its creation in 2014 by entrepreneurs Gaël Duval and Cedric Giorgi, La French Touch Conference has gathered more than 4000 entrepreneurs, investors, and key accounts throughout 7 editions organized in the cities of Paris, San Francisco, and New York. Each event hosts fine guest-speakers including top C-level executives, public figures, and officials who address key trends and topics in front of international business audiences.
La French Touch Conference is also the creator of the world’s only flying startup competition, Pitch in the Plane, which gives startups and entrepreneurs the unique opportunity to pitch their concepts in front of investors aboard a commercial flight.


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