Food in Bottles, Tech in Music & Scooters Everywhere!

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What unites music and technology? Last Friday, to celebrate World Music Day, we took a closer eye at MusicTech! Discover the technologies that reshape modern music, click below!

Read the Article – Featuring David Bowie and Three Innovative Startups!

Music Tech Article

Oh, and if you’re watching FIFA World Cup games today and want to better understand technologies used during this year’s competition, we strongly recommend you to read this article about FootTech.

This Week's Headlines

Our Network

Whaou! The total storage capacity of the French cloud computing company OVH reached 15 Tbps, which represents a transfer rate of around 15,000Bn octets/sec. OVH’s Vice-Chairman Laurent Allard was one of our speakers during La French Touch Conference New York City in 2015. [article in French]

French-American neurotechnology startup Dreems raised €30M / $35M  in a round led by American Johnson & Johnson and French Bpifrance. Fresh money will be used to expand the company’s team as well as the distribution of its sleep headband. Co-founder Hugo Mercier was one of our speakers during La French Touch Conference Paris in 2017. [article in English]

French Ecosystem

Tiller, a company which designs connected cash registers raised €12M / $13.9M. With offices in Paris, Barcelona, and Milano, the French enterprise now aims to expand more widely into Europe. [article in English]

Feed, a startup selling meal replacement products, is considering opening offices in New York after raising €15M / $17.4M to strengthen its international expansion. The company will also further increase its development in Europe. [article in English]

Zenaton provides a SaaS technology that helps companies operate business processes. The startup raised €2M / $2.35M in a funding round led by the US venture capital firm Accel & the German Point Nine Capital. [article in English]

Last week, the French Government announced the launch of a €400M / $467M fund named “French Tech seed” to support French Tech startups coming from labs, incubators, and technology transfer acceleration companies (also know as SATT in France). [article in French]

EU Ecosystem

Sweden-based startup Virtusize has been acquired by a group of Japanese investors including Yahoo Japan Capital, Ideos Venture Cap fund, Toyoshima and D4V. [article in English]

Another Swedish company, Rebtel, raised €6.8/ $8M to launch a banking service for migrants in the US and EU. The company also provides a platform for affordable international phone calls and wants to launch this new service by the end of 2018. [article in English]

Around The World: International Ecosystem

French Fintech startup Lydia partnered up with Samsung to allow users to add a virtual card to Samsung Pay. [article in English]

Last Thursday, California-based startup Lime launched its electric scooter service in Paris after setting up in Berlin, Bremen, Frankfurt, and Zurich. [article in English]


Lime arrives in Paris

Tips Of The Day

Peter Strack, Founder and President of Alliance Reservations Network, gives you three tips for networking in the B2B technology space. [article in English]


“French companies that have succeeded abroad are those who positioned themselves very early in the global market. Becoming leaders in France’s market is already a success. However, while you become a national leader, others are moving faster and already attacking the global market. This is where the real challenge lies!”
Gaël Duval, Co-Founder and President of La French Touch Conference
Interview in Let’s Go France
Yesterday, we released the second part of La French Touch Conference Paris’s pictures! (Re)live this experience, check out our album! 🙂

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