Friday Inspiration #22: TravelTech

Taking some days off soon? To celebrate the summer season, we decided to give you an insight into Travel Tech.

There are a lot of things surrounding the Travel Tech topic: SaaS, IoT…. We chose to highlight the way TravelTech changed the way we plan and spend our Holidays. To do so, let’s retrace the process of someone planning a trip 2018.

Seeking the perfect holidays:

Where do I go?

Booking a flight or a hotel room, renting a house for a few weeks, looking for good deals… Nowadays, when we’re looking for a summer destination, we check-out computer or mobile apps that have been developed for this purpose…and seek the best prices: renting platforms, comparison websites and so on. In the UK, in 2016, 76% of holidaymakers booked their holidays online. According to Statista, by 2020, digital travel sales will reach €699 / $818Bn.

Can it be faster?

Technology is also very present in airports to avoid long waiting lines. Some airports and companies notably tested facial-recognition to accelerate check-in processes.

Here are few of the biometric technologies that can be used to save passengers’ time:  

Single Token Travel technology captures passengers’ biometric details during a facial scan that occurs at the beginning of the traveler’s journey. It avoids travelers having to provide their passport or boarding card at the next steps of the journey, such as border control or self-bag-drop.

In 2017, Delta Air Lines implemented the “first biometric self-service bag drop in the US”. According to them, it would save time for passengers -since it processes twice as many customers per hour as manned desk, as well as securing the passengers’ suitcases.

In February 2017, Amsterdam’s Schiphol airport partnered up with KLM to launch a three months trial for facial-recognition which allows passengers to board without showing their passports and boarding passes thanks to biometric technology. Schiphol airport is not the only one to have tested this sort of biometric technology: last November, British Airways, expanded its biometric boarding gate trials in the US.

[Uptade: In July 2018 France’s Nice Airport and Paris Airports implemented facial-recognition system.]

What should we do?

Once you have found your destination and survived the check-in test, you finally arrive at your holiday destination. Now what? Fortunately, TravelTech is there to help you entertain yourself during your stay. While companies such as Airbnb give you the option of booking activities related to your stay, others develop apps which can also help you avoid boring holidays.

Google, for instance, launched a new mobile application: Google Trip. Google Trip helps holidaymakers organize their trips in providing every information needed to enjoy relaxing and stimulating holidays: this information includes daily tips, things to do, day plans or practical itineraries to go from the airport to the place of stay.

TravelTech is quickly evolving and becoming increasingly attractive.

Here are 3 French Travel Tech jewels:

  • Gopili

Gopili is a French startup based in Rennes, Brittany. It began as a site for buying and selling unused train tickets before turning into a multi-modal travel search engine and launching across Europe in 2014.

  • Faraway

Faraway is a virtual travel assistant available on Facebook Messenger: it developed a chatbot! It helps you plan your trips and various forms of entertainment suggesting good deals, bars, restaurants, places to stay or places… to party!

  • VizEat

VizEat is a Paris-based platform that connects travelers and local hosts to provide very unique food experiences such as dinners, cooking classes or food tours. This app enables visitors to discover new food cultures and meet locals from all over the globe.

Discover more Travel Tech in Forbes’s list of the “Seven Travel Tech Startups Taking Europe By Storm”

Whether you go to the end of the world or to the end of the street, Travel Tech technologies are there to help you make the most of your well-deserved holiday. Have a nice summer!


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