How to successfully manage a (football) team?

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The Arc de Triomphe on May 15th

On Sunday, French Football Team proved collective work pays off! 

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This Week's Headlines

French Ecosystem

French medical care scheduling startup Doctolib announced last week it acquired its main competitor MonDocteur. After launching in Germany last year, it now aims to reinforce its position as a European leader. [articles in English and in French]

AI-driven photography platform Meero raised €38.5M / $45M in venture capital. The Paris-based startup will use fresh funds to fuel its international expansion, including opening a computer vision research center in France and new offices in the U.S. and Asia-Pacific regions. [article in English and in French]

French autonomous vehicle company NAVYA is about to go public on Euronext Paris with an aim to raise more than €50M /  $58M. [article in French]

Bordeaux-based Geev raised €3M / $3.5M to accelerate its international expansion. Already present in Toronto & Montreal, Canada, the startup provides an app allowing users to donate and pick up unwanted items for free. [article in French]

French payment platform Lemon Way raised €10M / $17M to accelerate its European expansion. [article in French]

EU Ecosystem

Nigeria-based online retailer MallforAfrica partnered up with German delivery giant DHL to launch an e-commerce site for select African artisans to sell wares to buyers in any of DHL’s 220 delivery countries.  [article in English]

France’s Orange Group, through its enterprise subsidiary Orange Business Services, has announced yesterday the acquisition of British Basefarm, a leading European player in cloud-based infrastructure and services. [article in French]

Emma, a British money management app, raised €513K / $600K in a funding round led by French Kima Ventures. [article in English]

Around The World: International Ecosystem

Israeli MedTech EarlySense aims to reach French markets. Already present in the United States and Asia, the company develops contact-free continuous monitoring solutions designed for patients on general care floors. [article in French]

French startup Qucit which uses AI and big data to make cities smarter, raised €1.7M / $2M. Based in Bordeaux, France, the company took part in Urban-X startup accelerator program in New York earlier this year. [article in French]

Did You Know That?

Last week we released an interview of Angela Natividad, co-founder, and COO of the Esport ad agency Hurrah and former speaker at La French Touch Conference Paris. [Read the interview – in English]  [Watch her on stage – in French]

Angela Natividad, Co-Founder and COO of Hurrah

A Penny For Your Thoughts

According to TechCrunch‘s Jon Evans, “France has now graduated from “asteroid” to “planet,” and is well on its way to “gas giant.” Read more in this article: “Liberty, equality, technology: France is finally poised to become a tech power”.


You want your company to be as successful as the French football team? Here is what you can learn from Didier Deschamps’s management. [article in French]

[A] coach’s job is management psychology, making sure I can guide players towards the collective spirit ” – Didier Deschamps [article in English]

We Are The Champions!

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