Since 2014, the purpose of La French Touch Conference has been to build bridges between innovative people all around the world and to foster creativity and entrepreneurship.

Throughout our events in Paris, New York City and San Francisco, we have been committed to highlighting emerging and innovative entrepreneurs and individual, from France and worldwide countries (50% of our speakers & attendees in our NYC events are international).

Aware of the incredible energy level emerging during our different editions and of the enthusiastic feedback from our community, we were a bit frustrated not to be able to share more with you the rest of the year.

That is the reason why we launched this Journal: to share stories of talents, of emerging startups and of many innovations which inspire us, all year-long.

Additionally, we hope that this Journal will contribute to introducing the dynamism of the French entrepreneurial ecosystem to our international community. Thus, our articles will be in English.

Last but not least, as everything we do, this platform will be collaborative. So if you would like to take part in the adventure, do not hesitate to contact us.

Stay tuned and get inspired every day!

La French Touch Conference Team

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